Friday, 4 May 2012

May the 4th and other me made days..

Hi Internets, have you had a good week? personally I am fed up of being rained on, and work has been rubbish this week, so I am super happy that this is a bank holiday weekend.

So anyways, this is what I have been wearing this week

May 2nd

  This is me asking god to pause the rain, he never listened :(  The outfit deets - same black cardigan as on May 1st, me made grey 'sweatshirt' dress (its not really made out of sweatshirts, its a double knit) I wear this dress quite a lot but actually seeing it in photos I realise it gives me one hell of a boob shelf.

May 3rd

Ok, this is a me made Miette Cardigan which is available for FREE download on ravelry. I love this little cardi but its really showing some wear and tear now, its been worn nearly every week for the last year, and I used cheapo yarn, so I think I will have to shop the stash and knit up another one. The dress is the same pattern as the 'sweatshirt' dress, but this is a lighter drapier jersey so it is more flattering. This dress was made before I got my overlocker so the insides are hideous and it is coming un-stitched at the side seams.

May the 4th (be with you)

I made no apologies for the Star Wars joke, for I am a proud geek.

I look especially rough in this picture, tired, hot and freshly rained on, not even a cup of tea could cheer me up. I finished this cardigan last night, it is a Laika from the book Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague. I love it, I want one in every colour. The t-shirt was also thought of last night when I realised I had no Star Wars clothes to wear, I made it while I was catching up with Game of Thrones (double geek points) It was a big mans shirt, reduced to me sized and a purple trim attached to neck line and sleeves. Jeans are crappy, crappy ready to wear, and must be replaced as soon as I get a jeans pattern sorted out.

So that is the week in outfits, just one question remains, who ate the last of the cheese?

ohhh yeah that would be me...


  1. Your this week's garments are all very nice, don't worry because of the grey dress, I find that something like that body curves often look different on photos than in real life. Have a happy me-made may!

  2. Love the star wars shirt, and the Ysolda cardi.