Sunday, 13 May 2012

MMM 7-13

Sorry for the unoriginal title this week, and the images are pretty un-interesting this week as well. I've not been particularly happy this week, and so have been in no mood for posing for pictures. I have been a good girl though and kept up with my me made pledge

May 7th

Yeah, I didn't get a picture on Bank Holiday Monday, probably for the best as I was wearing a super chic combination of my grey dress, with woolly tights and a really attractive ancient fleece over the top. What can I say it was rainy and cold in my part of the world, I curled up on the sofa and napped (I could add this sentence to every day this week and it would be true)

May 8th

Me Made Burda Boatneck (v3)
50p re-fashioned skirt

May 9th

 Primark red top (Don't judge, I bought this top on a whim last year, and when I got it home I noticed the collar was really wonky, I didn't have it in me to face the primani hordes again so I re-did the collar myself)
Me Made stripey cardi (pattern was copied from an old shop bought jersey cardi)
50p Skirt

May 10th

John Rocha Top
Me Made Colette Meringue

May 11th

Thank God for casual Fridays

Me Made Camilla Sweater
Black t-shirt
Crapola Jeans

May 12th

Look at that, I'm almost smiling! on Saturday we got a coffee and went for a walk in the park, I saw a squirrel and got be-friended by a cat.

Me Made Laika Cardigan
Me Made Blue dress

May 13th

Primark Cardi and Skirt (purchased at the same time as the duff red top)
Me Made Checky Vesty
In the interest's of honesty I only wore this for a few hours today whilst I was out and about, once home it was changed for none me made PJ's.

Well guys, that was this week in clothes, riveting ay?

I'm hoping next week will be better, and I have decided to concentrate on completing UFOs next week, I'm thinking this will help me de-clutter my brain a little bit.

Rachel Lou x

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  1. Those are all cute outfits! There are some days when spending most of the day in PJs is completely justified. :)