Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MMM Day Uno and last weeks shenanigans

White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

Right then, now that's out of the way, lets get on to today's MMM pic. Be warned this is a picture of magnificent derpitude. The reasons for this are varied and complex but luckily I can summarise into one pertinent point.

I was too lazy to set the tripod up.

I am wearing a crappy cardigan from Dorothy Perkins (I have the yarn to make myself a nice basic black cardigan but really, basic + black + 4ply yarn = boring knitting)
Me made stripey 'boatneck', this is a pattern from a 2009 issue of burda, this was the 1st version I made, I have since modified the pattern significantly!
Me made Crescent Skirt, everyone knows this Sewaholic pattern I'm sure, I had my doubts about it when I was making it, but I am pleased with the way it turned out. I tried to take some photo's of the outside of the skirt, but all you could see was black, so here is a picture of the secret skulls on the inside

On the whole I like this outfit combination, it makes me feel like I should be in a Tim Burton film.

Last week was quite eventful for me. On Thursday I went for a visit to the local college, come September, all being well, I will be going there to study for a Foundation Degree in Fashion & Clothing Design. I had an excellent time and stayed all day and I got to draft a skirt block and create a toile. I also learnt of a fabric shop of epic awesome-ness.

Walton's Fabrics in Rotherham, if you are every in Yorkshire I highly recommend a visit. Amazing fabrics and the staff are lovely as well. I took the trip down on Saturday and had a stash enhancing spree -

from left to right,  needlecord, wool crepe, cotton and something mix, linen & another cotton and something mix.

synthetic microfibre, cotton baby hounds tooth & another synthetic

and the awesome infamous lobster print cotton. LeBeau says that this fabric is ridiculous and should only be used for aprons, PAH! I say, this is going to be a lobsterrific dress.

The Knits, stripey cotton jersey, french print interlock & leopard print cotton jersey (with matching solid jersey for trims)

Ok, and if that wasn't enough spending, I also went a little loopy on eBay,

The fabric on the top is another cotton jersey and the bottom fabric is a quite finely woven linen.

And this beast is a Singer Slant-o-matic 431g. I got her threaded up and working today, and she produced a perfect stitch on the 1st go. I can't wait to get her properly cleaned up and see what she can do.

Until next time internets!



  1. great haul and i LOVE the secret skulls!! so awesome!!

    1. I've just been through it all, overlocking the edges, sooo boring - the downside of a buying spree

  2. The pirate skulls are such a fun addition to the skirt!

    1. Thanks, you have to have something to jazz up a basic skirt, even if you are the only one that knows its there!

  3. Ha ha! I had forgotten all about the White Rabbits! (Maybe that's why I haven't won the lottery yet?) I love the secret skulls :) And also love the blue cotton and something.

    1. I really wish I could remember what the 'something' is, it is super slippery to sew

  4. Oohmigosh, what awesome additions to the stash! I'm so envious! And loooove the secret skulls. Skulls always make things better, don't they ;)
    Thanks so much for the gorgeous comment on my blog :)

  5. The secret skulls are awesome. I love using fun fabrics for facings. You got the lobster fabric. I am super jealous because I don't think they sell it here. Can't wait to see it made into a dress.