Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rooibos & Porridge

Good Morning Interwebs, I hope everyone is having a good weekend?

Lets do the last couple of MMM updates shall we

May 5th

Me Made Colette Rooibos and the same black cardigan as earlier in the week. I have no idea what I'm doing with my arms here but the picture does amuse me.

Wanna see the Rooibos 'guts'?

Yup it's lined! (I must be mad!) The eagle eyed may notice that this dress has side bust darts, rather than the three mini darts as in the original pattern. Despite making three toile's I could not make those little darts sit properly with an FBA, so I moved them all into a side dart. I would show you the adjustments on the pattern pieces, but i have mislaid the pattern

The outer fabric is wool, with accents in a soft cotton shirting and the lining is acetate (shudder) Word of warning, turn the temperature on your iron down pressing acetate.

May 6th

Lazy Sunday clothes! Me made stripey blue t-shirt with me made stripey blue cardigan. The pattern for the cardigan was copied from an old shop bought cardigan. I'm also wearing crapola jeans, but these may be changed for PJ bottoms later on.

Overexposed silly outtake pic from Saturday -

Look at how red my hair looks! I think going full on redhead might be an option for the summer (if the summer ever arrives that is!


  1. I like your rooibos! And I am lookimg for an alternative to acetate lining fabric since a while...

    1. I hate acetate, the only other thing I can find is silk habatai, but thats quite expensive (for my budget anyway)

  2. I am seriously impressed by your Roobios. I love this dress in wool and 'm guessing that the lining makes it a lot easier to wear.