Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunburn & Waffles

Hello Internets

First up I have a confession, I have not been documenting my me made may outfits, this is something I knew I would struggle with from the start and along with work being hectic, starting running again and trying to knit/sew/stay sane it has fallen by the wayside. I was stressing out about getting photo's taken and it was taking the fun out of wearing my 'me mades' which I don't think was in the spirit of the challenge. I have also expanded my original pledge to include charity-shopped items and items of store bought clothing that I have repaired to extend the life of the item.

Anyway confession over, I feel better now!

On Friday me and LeBeau went to the beach and had an awesome day, it was super hot and as it was a week day wasn't crowded at all, and I got to wear the 1994 dress 'in the wild' at last!

Also I've had my hair chopped off and am learning to embrace it's natural curliness.

While I have been away from the blogosphere I have been sewing, I have denim skirt to show off and I'm half way through a summer dress, as well as thinking up lots of projects to make during the summer.

Right I'm off to pack now, work is sending me away for a couple of days to teach some other people how to do my job (bitter? me, never!)  I will be without proper Internet the whole time I am away, which is very annoying, but I will have lots to read when I get back at least.

Bye for now internets

Rachel-Lou x


  1. Your dress looks great and I really like your haircut. Admittedly, I do have a bit of a bias towards short curly hair. I think lots of people do MMM without taking photos. It's not meant to be stressful.

  2. Love the peter pan collar on that dress, and wherever that beach is, it looks gorgeous!