Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Theres been a bit of a snag...

well, actually, there have been several...

along with a whole pack of broken denim needles....

and enough swear words to make a sailor blush.

 I have given up on getting these Capri's finished, they have been disgustedly pushed to one side and put in time-out for at least a week.

The one good thing about these trousers so far -

 pretty lining fabric for pockets and waistband! obviously I'm too fed up to consider the white balance and take a proper picture so its much less orange in real life!


  1. I love that lining! Your sewing looks so neat, also.

    1. One day, they will be finshed and be awesome, right now they are still in the naughty corner, mocking me with their tangles of threads and needle breaking super strength denim