Saturday, 6 October 2012

Little Red Riding Rach

I made a Minoru, actually I made it a couple of months ago but no opportunity for pictures. This week we had a nice sunny day, and a nice walk in the park so it was photo-opp-tastic

I look like I have been photoshopped onto a background thanks to the unexpected camera flash, I promise I was really there

I was a rebel with this make - I didn't make a toile, shock, horror, I didn't even do a tissue fitting, I recklessly cut into my fashion fabric.

Thanks to the lack of toile, this is a little bit big, but I was cunning and tightened up the elastic in the waist a bit, problem solved and I can fit a big bulky jumper underneath it still.

 Apart from the bigness, this went together easily, Tasia's instructions are very good and when I was in doubt I just had a look at the sewalong on the Sewaholic website. The only other change I made was to add some in seam pockets. I think I will probably make this again in a slightly more subdued colour.

On our walk around the park, I then tried to climb a tree thinking of getting some interesting blog photo's, however I just got laughed at and told off for getting dirty jeans. Also you can see my awesome witches shoes in this picture, LeBeau hates them, I threaten to turn him into a frog if he criticises my choice in footwear again.

The hood on this jacket is truly epic.

I am now off to do some homework, instead of procrastinating here

Rachel-Lou x


  1. That is a truly epic hood, but in the best way possible! LOVE the color and the shoes, too!

  2. That is a perfect fall jacket - I love the red! Also, just an fyi, I gave you a blog award just as a thank you for reading and commenting. :)

  3. Brilliant colour. Your version is beautiful. I just made mine in grey, and I'm a tad jealous. I may copy you...

    1. Haha, I'm just about to start a Jacket in grey!