Saturday, 20 October 2012

Recent Aquisitions

The other week I dragged LeBeau along to a Vintage Fair and we had a pretty rubbish day. We got lost, couldn't find anywhere to park, then paid a small fortune to park, then when we finally got there I wasn't all that impressed.

Not one to admit defeat, I made a second lap of the stalls. It was a good job I did because I discovered sewing patterns!

I was very restrained and only bought one -

Seriously, how gorgeous is that! I paid £2, which is more than I would usually pay for a pattern with such a battered envelope. When I got home I checked through the pattern pieces and they are all in very good condition (and they all seem to be there)

Check out that pleated detail on the collar, it makes me drool, even the blonde in the white dress is checking it out enviously

I also picked up some gorgeous buttons, which I intend to use for a coat, I took about 20 pictures of them trying to capture how pretty they are, but was failing miserably so you will just have to make do with this one

They sparkle beautifully, without being blingy in a way that my camera refuses to capture.

 They will be used to make Butterick 5145, view A.

I know the envelope art is hideous, but have a look at the line drawings

A plain smart fitted little coat, which should last me ages without looking dated. I am thinking of 'peter pan-ing' the collar a little bit though.

I finally feel like I've got some sewing mojo back, I've been going crazy on the overlocker and I've done some more refashion-ing which I'm feeling quite pleased about.


  1. Congrats! It's a great pattern you bought! I also like the coat pattern, a friend of mine has a store bought coat made from a very similar pattern, which I always covet.

  2. That dress pattern is rather wonderful!!! I'd say that makes the trip worthwhile. I'm loving your bright red minoru too, reminds me that I've got to get going on mine.....thank you for leaving me a lead on my blog for sportswear fabrics, I'm really looking forward to following it up!!