Sunday, 4 November 2012

A ModCloth KnockOff

Hi Internets, A quick refashion to share today -

I saw this gorgeous cardigan on the ModCloth website

Slate Night Cardigan from

as with many items I see on modcloth, it got pinned for inspiration but unlike many things I pin, it stayed at the back of my mind haunting my thoughts until I had a eureka moment.

didn't I get given an unwanted jumper a couple of weeks ago.....

also don't I still have a lace shirt from my early 00's gothish period...


I realise this is a truly awful picture of the finished item, I will venture out in the British gloom at some point and get some action pics of it in natural light (possibly with my almost finished new grey coat!)

A pic to show you the pretty lace -

Modcloth Price - £40 plus extortionate shipping and customs costs
My Price -Free!


  1. Cool - way to use your resources!

  2. Woah, it turned out so good! :) I remember seeing that cardigan a while back as well and thinking, I could do that, haha and you did it! :) Love it!

  3. Howdy!

    I have nominated your for the Liebster award!

    Check out my blog

    For details!



  4. That's amazing!!! Great work xx