Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunburn & Waffles

Hello Internets

First up I have a confession, I have not been documenting my me made may outfits, this is something I knew I would struggle with from the start and along with work being hectic, starting running again and trying to knit/sew/stay sane it has fallen by the wayside. I was stressing out about getting photo's taken and it was taking the fun out of wearing my 'me mades' which I don't think was in the spirit of the challenge. I have also expanded my original pledge to include charity-shopped items and items of store bought clothing that I have repaired to extend the life of the item.

Anyway confession over, I feel better now!

On Friday me and LeBeau went to the beach and had an awesome day, it was super hot and as it was a week day wasn't crowded at all, and I got to wear the 1994 dress 'in the wild' at last!

Also I've had my hair chopped off and am learning to embrace it's natural curliness.

While I have been away from the blogosphere I have been sewing, I have denim skirt to show off and I'm half way through a summer dress, as well as thinking up lots of projects to make during the summer.

Right I'm off to pack now, work is sending me away for a couple of days to teach some other people how to do my job (bitter? me, never!)  I will be without proper Internet the whole time I am away, which is very annoying, but I will have lots to read when I get back at least.

Bye for now internets

Rachel-Lou x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

MMM 7-13

Sorry for the unoriginal title this week, and the images are pretty un-interesting this week as well. I've not been particularly happy this week, and so have been in no mood for posing for pictures. I have been a good girl though and kept up with my me made pledge

May 7th

Yeah, I didn't get a picture on Bank Holiday Monday, probably for the best as I was wearing a super chic combination of my grey dress, with woolly tights and a really attractive ancient fleece over the top. What can I say it was rainy and cold in my part of the world, I curled up on the sofa and napped (I could add this sentence to every day this week and it would be true)

May 8th

Me Made Burda Boatneck (v3)
50p re-fashioned skirt

May 9th

 Primark red top (Don't judge, I bought this top on a whim last year, and when I got it home I noticed the collar was really wonky, I didn't have it in me to face the primani hordes again so I re-did the collar myself)
Me Made stripey cardi (pattern was copied from an old shop bought jersey cardi)
50p Skirt

May 10th

John Rocha Top
Me Made Colette Meringue

May 11th

Thank God for casual Fridays

Me Made Camilla Sweater
Black t-shirt
Crapola Jeans

May 12th

Look at that, I'm almost smiling! on Saturday we got a coffee and went for a walk in the park, I saw a squirrel and got be-friended by a cat.

Me Made Laika Cardigan
Me Made Blue dress

May 13th

Primark Cardi and Skirt (purchased at the same time as the duff red top)
Me Made Checky Vesty
In the interest's of honesty I only wore this for a few hours today whilst I was out and about, once home it was changed for none me made PJ's.

Well guys, that was this week in clothes, riveting ay?

I'm hoping next week will be better, and I have decided to concentrate on completing UFOs next week, I'm thinking this will help me de-clutter my brain a little bit.

Rachel Lou x

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Rooibos & Porridge

Good Morning Interwebs, I hope everyone is having a good weekend?

Lets do the last couple of MMM updates shall we

May 5th

Me Made Colette Rooibos and the same black cardigan as earlier in the week. I have no idea what I'm doing with my arms here but the picture does amuse me.

Wanna see the Rooibos 'guts'?

Yup it's lined! (I must be mad!) The eagle eyed may notice that this dress has side bust darts, rather than the three mini darts as in the original pattern. Despite making three toile's I could not make those little darts sit properly with an FBA, so I moved them all into a side dart. I would show you the adjustments on the pattern pieces, but i have mislaid the pattern

The outer fabric is wool, with accents in a soft cotton shirting and the lining is acetate (shudder) Word of warning, turn the temperature on your iron down pressing acetate.

May 6th

Lazy Sunday clothes! Me made stripey blue t-shirt with me made stripey blue cardigan. The pattern for the cardigan was copied from an old shop bought cardigan. I'm also wearing crapola jeans, but these may be changed for PJ bottoms later on.

Overexposed silly outtake pic from Saturday -

Look at how red my hair looks! I think going full on redhead might be an option for the summer (if the summer ever arrives that is!

Friday, 4 May 2012

May the 4th and other me made days..

Hi Internets, have you had a good week? personally I am fed up of being rained on, and work has been rubbish this week, so I am super happy that this is a bank holiday weekend.

So anyways, this is what I have been wearing this week

May 2nd

  This is me asking god to pause the rain, he never listened :(  The outfit deets - same black cardigan as on May 1st, me made grey 'sweatshirt' dress (its not really made out of sweatshirts, its a double knit) I wear this dress quite a lot but actually seeing it in photos I realise it gives me one hell of a boob shelf.

May 3rd

Ok, this is a me made Miette Cardigan which is available for FREE download on ravelry. I love this little cardi but its really showing some wear and tear now, its been worn nearly every week for the last year, and I used cheapo yarn, so I think I will have to shop the stash and knit up another one. The dress is the same pattern as the 'sweatshirt' dress, but this is a lighter drapier jersey so it is more flattering. This dress was made before I got my overlocker so the insides are hideous and it is coming un-stitched at the side seams.

May the 4th (be with you)

I made no apologies for the Star Wars joke, for I am a proud geek.

I look especially rough in this picture, tired, hot and freshly rained on, not even a cup of tea could cheer me up. I finished this cardigan last night, it is a Laika from the book Little Red in the City by Ysolda Teague. I love it, I want one in every colour. The t-shirt was also thought of last night when I realised I had no Star Wars clothes to wear, I made it while I was catching up with Game of Thrones (double geek points) It was a big mans shirt, reduced to me sized and a purple trim attached to neck line and sleeves. Jeans are crappy, crappy ready to wear, and must be replaced as soon as I get a jeans pattern sorted out.

So that is the week in outfits, just one question remains, who ate the last of the cheese?

ohhh yeah that would be me...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MMM Day Uno and last weeks shenanigans

White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

Right then, now that's out of the way, lets get on to today's MMM pic. Be warned this is a picture of magnificent derpitude. The reasons for this are varied and complex but luckily I can summarise into one pertinent point.

I was too lazy to set the tripod up.

I am wearing a crappy cardigan from Dorothy Perkins (I have the yarn to make myself a nice basic black cardigan but really, basic + black + 4ply yarn = boring knitting)
Me made stripey 'boatneck', this is a pattern from a 2009 issue of burda, this was the 1st version I made, I have since modified the pattern significantly!
Me made Crescent Skirt, everyone knows this Sewaholic pattern I'm sure, I had my doubts about it when I was making it, but I am pleased with the way it turned out. I tried to take some photo's of the outside of the skirt, but all you could see was black, so here is a picture of the secret skulls on the inside

On the whole I like this outfit combination, it makes me feel like I should be in a Tim Burton film.

Last week was quite eventful for me. On Thursday I went for a visit to the local college, come September, all being well, I will be going there to study for a Foundation Degree in Fashion & Clothing Design. I had an excellent time and stayed all day and I got to draft a skirt block and create a toile. I also learnt of a fabric shop of epic awesome-ness.

Walton's Fabrics in Rotherham, if you are every in Yorkshire I highly recommend a visit. Amazing fabrics and the staff are lovely as well. I took the trip down on Saturday and had a stash enhancing spree -

from left to right,  needlecord, wool crepe, cotton and something mix, linen & another cotton and something mix.

synthetic microfibre, cotton baby hounds tooth & another synthetic

and the awesome infamous lobster print cotton. LeBeau says that this fabric is ridiculous and should only be used for aprons, PAH! I say, this is going to be a lobsterrific dress.

The Knits, stripey cotton jersey, french print interlock & leopard print cotton jersey (with matching solid jersey for trims)

Ok, and if that wasn't enough spending, I also went a little loopy on eBay,

The fabric on the top is another cotton jersey and the bottom fabric is a quite finely woven linen.

And this beast is a Singer Slant-o-matic 431g. I got her threaded up and working today, and she produced a perfect stitch on the 1st go. I can't wait to get her properly cleaned up and see what she can do.

Until next time internets!