Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Me-Made Re-Made

1st things 1st - Thank you for your comments on my last post, they really mean a lot to me, and reminded me how much genuine kindness there is in the world.

Now onto some sewing, which is what I am supposed to be writing about -

Last year I made a dress out of some navy blue jersey, I loved it, it got warn and washed every week, also it was made pre overlocker so the insides were a mess and the armpit seams had gone so whenever i wore it i would keep my arms clamped down by my sides

Picture evidence of the before:

ohhh such a blurry pic, my apologies...    

poorly armpit seam

After much searching of scraps and working my overlocker exceptionally hard this is what i ended up with -

another sub standard photo :(

And a picture of the guts

I'm so lazy, I really should have changed my overlocker thread from white but never mind.

That's it for now, I have been getting back to grips with my sewing, I have a lot of recently unblogged items which I will post about as soon as my unwilling photographer gets back ( I have broken my tripod, so self-portraits are practically impossible, I guess I know what I will be getting for Christmas though) Also I am needing to make a few things for college, so expect to be seeing some pencil cases and whatnot in the near future.