Sunday, 16 December 2012

The Clothes Show Live, Stress, and an unpleasant dive into consumerism

Last Tuesday I went to the clothes show live with a group from my college, the day started out badly -

I promised to give a class mate a lift in the morning, as we were setting off from the college early. She texts me her address, great I know where that is 'no problems' I think.

Only, I don't know where it is at 20 past 6 in the morning, when it's pitch black and icy...

Yup I got lost on my home turf, how embarrassing.

Thanks to my embarrassing snafu, we missed the bus from college....

I settled in for a long drive!

As we started driving, there was a coach in front of us, making every turn we did...

I finally managed to get ditch the cars in between us and the coach, conveniently the companies phone number was splattered all over the back ..

after a couple of phone conversations with bewildered receptionists and drivers.. the bus pulled over, I parked up in a side street and we were on our way!


The clothes show was.....

well, I enjoyed the fashion show, some of the garments on display were beautiful, and the dancers really earned their keep. The premise of the show was very cheesy, really a model dressed up like Anna Wintour? having a Nikki Minaj-a-like? a gangam style ending?

There was also a little catwalk in the main hall which was displaying college graduates work, which was really good. Unfortunately I didn't take my camera, otherwise I would share about a million photo's

The rest - cheap tat hell. 'Fashion' and consumerism at it's worst. I could go on a massive rant here, but whats the point, you all know the problems with the apparel industry - It's probably one of the reason's you took up sewing in the first place.


P.S I have just been watching a drama called 'the making of a lady' whilst being of dubious dramatic merit, it had some really beautiful costuming.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

aint no FOs been spotted round these parts....

title says it all.

College has been super challenging, and I've started a temp retail job for a major high street retailer. (I will share my thoughts on them after I have finished working for them!) Working retail is kicking my ass, I've never done it before, previously having jobs where i get to sit and create beautiful spreadsheets and tell people off down the phone.

Standing for 9 hours a day totally sucks ass, major kudos for those of you who make a career in retail, you must spend a fortune on foot cream and have the patience of a saint.

Saying all this, creative things have been happening, just more slowly than I would like-

I'm in the process of drafting my own top pattern

I'm part way through designing a shawl/scarflette thing

I have about 10 fabric designs in the embryonic stages (very excited about this!)

Me and LeBeau took the day off on Friday and drove up to Whitby. In our imaginations this was an awesome plan, it would be cold but brisk and we could go for a walk on the beach and take lots of photographs.

In reality, it was like this -

I took about three photos, this is the only one which came out anywhere near focused as I couldn't actually see through the view finder due to the epic nature of the wind (seriously, it was painfully strong and noisy)

Needless to say, we didn't stay long.

I'm off to the Clothes Show at the NEC next week so expect another blog post then x


P.S. How can the word 'blog' not be in the spell check of an application called 'blogger' sort it out google!

P.P.S I just spell checked again and google isn't in there either