Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Unblogged, Unloved: Sorbetto Edition

Like the majority of the western world I start off the new year by having a clear out of all the surplus crap that gets amassed over the previous 12 months (well, more than that for me, I'm a hoarder in the making)

This year my wardrobe got a serious cull, and some of it was me-made stuff ( quite a lot of it actually as I don't usually buy RTW anymore). I wanted to photograph my outgoing garments just so I would have a record of what I have made, even if they didn't end up as wardrobe regulars. When photographing I noticed that I was getting rid of a lot of pattern multiples.

I have no idea why I would continue making copies of garments that I didn't wear. I can only put it down to extreme pattern love, I enjoyed the process of making the garment so much that it didn't occur to me that I might not wear it. Also all of these patterns are for tops, of which I didn't need any more of in my wardrobe, but crucially provide some 'instant gratification' sewing.

The sorbettos were made in the summer of 2011 when I first bought my overlocker. Giddy with the excitement of having a new toy I thought it would be a good idea to try and make 7 tops in one day 'production line style'. Genius that I am, I did all the sewing in the conservatory and ended up getting heat exhaustion. I never quite got the fit right on the sorbetto, the FBA I did on the pattern wasn't quite right, and despite adding length to the pattern they never seemed quite long enough.

The pattern love on the sorbetto comes from all the 'choosing' I got to do while making these tops. After picking my fabric I got to paw through my box of bias tape, trying to find an exact colour match or contrasting colour, and I was even happy when I couldn't find matching tape because I could make my own matching tape using the bias-binding-making-thingy, my OCD was in happy sewing overdrive. Then even more choosing - do I want piping on this one, lace, buttons? and I got to look though even more of my sewing stuff!

I think this is the crux of why I started sewing in the first place, having the power to choose whatever I wanted.

Anyway, enough of my waffle, on to some pictures -

I loved the lace insertion on this one..

beautiful fabric, thank bob I have enought left over for another top

this one actually got rescued from the donation pile (what can I say I love the buttons)

I also love this fabric from a charity shop duvet cover and this was the first garment I ever used piping on

most stubbornly creased fabric in the world ever, pretty though

fabric from another duvet cover, I thought of this as my 'smurfette' top, due to the shade of blue

Expect more 'Unblogged, Unloved' posts to come,  hopefully they aren't too boring for you all to read, I also have a new dress finished (finally, it's been in various stages of construction over the last month) I just need to get out and about and take some photos of it



  1. I sew to relax and sometimes I forget that I am suppose to love and wear the finished product. SO I understand your "pattern love". I think I suffer from this also....I definitely have a pattern-buying-love...

    1. I love buying sewing supplies, I have accepted reality though and realised I will probably never make half of the patterns I own (especially now I have started drafting my own) I am being a good girl and slowly re-homing the surplus on ebay