Sunday, 10 February 2013

When good knits meet bad ends

I give you fair warning - some readers may find the following images disturbing, possibly even traumatic...

My beautiful 'age of brass and steam' made from beautiful Louisa Harding Grace Hand Dyed

Sadly, this is the only photo I have of it, my most worn hand knitted item ever,

One fateful day in January my beloved kerchief got dipped in coffee, and so needed a trip through the wash.....unfortunately, it didn't end at the wash...


my beautiful stitches, all shrunken and hard (seriously you could use this as body armour now, or bash somebody round the head with it, which I restrained myself from doing....just)

This happened several weeks ago, it has taken until now for me to come to terms with it (January is always a bad month for me, this just added to my dark new years depression).

I assume this is a sign from whatever deity that I should get my act together and finish writing my own kerchief pattern that I started way back in October.

Rachel-Lou x

PS. I'm having a pattern clear out on ebay at the moment, as stash currently exceeds life expectancy (and available storage space)


  1. AH! I've done that, more than once I'm afraid. It's a dark moment when you realize what happened...

  2. OH NO! Do you think you'll remake it or are you going to put up your needles for awhile?

    1. I'm making a replacement, but knitting is slow going as there is no good TV on! haha