Saturday, 19 January 2013

A Pantone Project

Hi Internets

I have been refashioning again (shocking I know, I do have some none refashioned projects in the works, promise)

I started out with a men's sweatshirt, to make things difficult for myself it was a size small and had an ugly logo on the chest and then another one on one of the sleeves. I didn't bother with a before photo because I  figured you all knew what a sweatshirt looked like.

I ended up with this,

I've had this sweatshirt stashed for ages, and when I found out that the pantone colour of the year was Emerald, I decided it was time that this was turned into a wearable item.

I have a couple more sweatshirts in my refashioning stash so I may make a couple of variations on this theme.

My unwilling photography was very unsure about the colour of this garment. I love it though, it makes me feel like Link!

I also made the stripy top I'm wearing (more on that some other time) and the scarf/shawl which is a Citron from knitty (made with zauberball in burnt almonds)

Laters Internet

Rachel-Lou x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Easy Elastic Re-fashion

Hi Internet

let me start by saying, I just typed out this whole post THEN BLOGGER ATE IT!!!!!!

So if you detect an undercurrent of grumpiness please note that it is directed at Blogger, not at you! I would never be grumpy with you!

Right then - did everyone have a good Christmas & new years?

I did! and now my temp retail job is finished so I have some time for sewing again (in between looking for a new job and homework of course)

I had this garment, which was well past its best (I'm not sure it ever had a best to be honest)

Yes, It is hideous, but it was fantastic lounge wear when paired with some thick tights or leggings. It was like like wearing PJ's, but with the benefit of being actually clothes so you could nip around the corner to the shop if you wanted too.

With the help of a seam ripper and a bit of elastic I ended up with this -

 OK, so not the most inspiring of re-fashions, but I'm left with a basic which is fine for layering up in this crappy wet British winter weather which I am forced to endure (why no lotto win yet?!?)

How was it done?

Unpick 'skirt' section
Measured the length I wanted the sweater to fall
Cut two pieces of elastic to this length (minus the length of the ribbing at the bottom)
Wrestle elastic into side seams using the sewing machine
Enjoy the ruche-ing effect the elastic creates

You think I was exaggerating when I said I wrestled the elastic into place - check out that stitching line - looks like I was drunk when I was sewing

Rachel-Lou x